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Endangered Animals Simplified for ES 9

Skapad 2021-01-24 23:04 i Uppgårdskolan Ekerö
Grundskola 9 Engelska
You will work on your normal project from your homeclassroom. You will be scaffolded into simplifying and explaining to you the vocabulary in your texts and to edit your work. You will also get more resources to ease your work. You will get links to ease your research.


Vocabulary to be explained







Bamboo trees






From Nina

Follow these steps:

1. Choose an endangered animal from this list: xtinction_status


2. Find the answers to the following questions (A-J) on the Internet and write a text in a Word document. Add your document to the assignment on Teams (do not hand it in yet). Your text should be at least 300 words. 


A) Write down 5 short facts about the animal

Skriv ner fem korta fakta om djuret  

B) Why is the animal endangered? What threats are there?

Varför är djuret hotat? Vilka hot finns det? 

C) Describe the animal! What does it look like? How does it behave?

Beskriv djuret! Vad ser det ut som? Hur beter det sig?


D) What does the animal eat? How much does it eat?

Vad äter djuret? Hur mycket äter det?

E) In which parts/countries of the world does it live?

F) How many animals are there left in the world?

G) How much does it weigh? How big is it?

H) Describe the animal’s habitat. 

Beskriv djurets livsmiljö. 

I) What can we do to save the animal from extinction? 

Vad kan vi göra för att rädda djuret från utrotning? 

J) Write about something of your own choice 


 3. Create a Power Point with pictures and a few key words. Add your Power point to the assignment on Teams (do not hand it in yet). 


4. Make an oral presentation about your animal without reading from your text. Use your key words. Your presentation should be 2-5 minutes long. 


5. Sources-write down your sources in your Word document. 


Here are some websites that you can use: on_status 



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