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Skapad 2021-01-25 13:39 i Östlyckeskolan Alingsås
Grundskola 7 – 9 Engelska
Titta och lyssna på engelska kortfilmer


Gå till https://urplay.se/serie/153408-kortfilmsklubben-engelska och sök upp filmerna nedan. Välj själv vilken du ser först.

romantisk, sorglig


Australiensisk kortfilm 12 min

Välj 2-3 frågor/uppdrag att svara på.

  1. What would you do if you were madly in love with someone who did not love you back, and your best friend started flirting with that someone? 

  2. Would you date someone who lived really far away? What is the furthest away you would live from someone if you two were to date?

  3. Write a letter from Emily to Tom a month after she goes back to New York. Or, a letter from Tom to Alfie a month after Tom died.


extremt rolig (Therése humor:)

Madam Black

Nyzeeländsk kortfilm 11 min

Välj 3 frågor/uppdrag att svara på.

  1. Why does he (Marcus, the main character) say: “She’s gone on a little holiday” (about the cat Madam Black)?

  2. Translate the word scam.

  3. Why do you think the man gets more and more involved in the scam?

  4. How does he feel when he reads the last post card to the girl?

  5. What does she feel and why?


knasig, kanske er humor

The Fake

Engelsk kortfilm 7 min

1. When reading the name of the film, whom (vem) in the movie do you think of?

2. What happened when Norman tried to pay for the movie the first time, going

with his wife?

3. Why did the young man get suspicious (misstänksam)?

4. Why did Norm not enjoy the movie?

5. How much money did Norm actually earn at the film when using his fake ID?

6. How much is that, more or less, in Swedish crowns?

7. How much did a fake ID cost?

8. How much is that in Swedish crowns?

9. How did the young man know the truth?


10. In the end, do you think it was worth the money?