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Grammar - EN 9A VT21

Skapad 2021-01-27 09:45 i Torpskolan Lerum
Grundskola F – 9
We're going to study grammar and round it off with a test. The goal is to get a deeper understanding of English grammar rules - this improves our writing skills!


We will study grammar in order to improve our writing and speaking! Practicing grammar makes you more fluent in the language you want to learn.


Due to distance learning, you can find the grammar explanations and exercises in your book or uploaded to google drive:


These 23 pages will be on the test:

Adverbs p. 124-127

Pronouns p. 128-129

"Det" p. 130-131

Verbs 134-135.+ Irregular verbs

"ing-form" 136-137.

Modal verbs 139-145.

Prepositions 152-155.



Every lesson we will have a lecture on one of these subjects. You can follow along in our shared notes at


There will be a grammar test on thursday 4/2, week 9, 12:30-13:45.


Good luck & happy learning!

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