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Talking about Music

Skapad 2021-02-02 13:47 i Anders Ljungstedts Gymnasium Linköping
Gymnasieskola Engelska
Talking about music - Express your feelings when presenting your favorite song!




You are to choose a song and prepare a 3-5 minute presentation of a song you like (or love!). You also need to play the song to a smaller group. The song has to be in English, so no Swedish songs. You do not need to bring a script to your presentation as you are to speak freely. 


The presentation will take place in smaller groups and the groups will be divided by me. The assignment will not be graded. 


Questions that you need to answer in your presentation:


  • What is the name of the song?

  • Who is the artist/group?

  • When was the song recorded?

  • What does the song mean to you?

  • Why did you choose this song?

  • Are there any important lyrics in the song that we should know?


When presenting the song, you are not to just go through the answers Q&A-style. It should come naturally to you to talk about your chosen song. 


You should be prepared to give your presentation on Monday 1/3.


Good luck! 

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