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Grammar Practise

Skapad 2021-02-10 16:40 i Mälarhöjdens skola Stockholm Grundskolor
Grundskola 7 Engelska
In the following weeks we are diving into the world of grammar. There will be some hand-outs and links, to use to practice online. After the Sports holiday there will be two tests, of irregular verbs and general grammar.


For the next period, we are going to work with grammar, to improve and develop your skills when writing and speaking.

To start with, you are going to make a” Check yourself”-test, which you will correct yourself, and identify what grammar you need to work with.

In class we will watch some grammar films from UR and go through common errors. Furthermore, you will practice your skills with irregular verbs, so you’ll improve your use and understanding of it.

We will end this period with a general” Grammar Check”, but also a” Irregular Verb Check”.

The time plan is preliminary, so there might be changes.



Lesson 1

Lesson 2


Check yourself”- check key/correct

Continue/Finish” Check yourself
- check key/correct
- start to practice


UR-grammar film
Practise grammar

UR-grammar film
Practice grammar
Booklet – irregular verbs


UR-grammar film
Practice grammar
Irregular verbs

UR-grammar film

Practice grammar

Irregular verbs


Sports holiday

Sports holiday


Practice/Repeat grammar
Irregular verbs

Irregular verb check


Grammar check














Useful links, to practice grammar online:

English Grammar 101:

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