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English - Hemuppgift v. 9 Torsdag

Skapad 2021-03-01 10:57 i Vallonskolan Östhammar
Grundskola F
Here is your task for your home study week 9, thursday.


Listen to the radioprogram and answer the questions.


 LISTENING COMPREHENSION Listen to Radio Popreel and answer the questions.

1. Why was this year’s “Poetry out loud” one of the biggest?

a) There were a lot of contestants

b) It included participants from several countries

c) It was turned into a reality show


2. What was the huge change Danielle experienced when moving to Ireland?

a) That she had to speak a whole new language

b) That it was so cold most of the year

c) Being in a girls-only school


3. What’s Danielle’s favourite part about poems?

a) Writing them

b) Reading them

c) Analysing them


4. Which is Danielle’s all-time favourite book series?

a) The Lord of the Rings

b) Narnia

c) Harry Potter


5. What does Shane McMahon say is the best thing about an all-boys school?

a) There is no distraction, you can concentrate on school work

b) There is no competition, it’s very relaxed

c) There is no macho culture, everyone is friendly


6. What type of blog does Danielle have?

a) A fashion blog

b) A poetry blog

c) An everyday life blog


7. Why does Danielle prefer wearing a school uniform?

a) She doesn’t want to ruin her private clothes

b) She doesn’t want to put time on picking an outfit

c) She thinks it makes everyone more equal 


8. What does Danielle think the poetry judges look at in the competition?

a) Posture and grace

b) Memory and voice

c) Diction and tone


9. How many competitors are left in the finals?

a) 1700

b) 45

c) Just 5


10. For how long has Tian Winters been in the music business?

a) Since he was 18

b) All his life, pretty much

c) Since he was 14


11. What type of music did his mother listen to?

a) Reggae

b) Rock

c) Love songs

12. How does Tian Winters describe people living in Antigua?

a) Easy-going

b) Ambitious

c) Passionate


13. How does he describe his relationship with Soca?

a) He has always listened to Soca

b) He doesn’t have a history with Soca

c) It’s complicated


14. Which two music styles are the biggest in Antigua?

a) Reggae and Jazz

b) Soca and Calypso

c) Dancehall and R’n’b

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