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Living Abroad 9B

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We'll be working with the chapter "Living abroad" in Good Stuff D.


Living abroad

w. 11
- Read pp. 54-55
- Ex. A1-3 + B1, pp. 47-48
- Ex. D1 + D2, p. 49
- Writing: write about an experience you've had visiting another country (apr. 1 page digitally)
     Where were you?
     What did you do?
     Did you experience any cultural differences and/or clashes?
     Did you learn anything from the experience?
Hand in your text on Drive and here on Unikum.

w. 12
- Read pp. 56-57
- Ex. A+B, pp. 51-52
- Ex. D, p. 52

w. 13
- Read pp. 61-62
- Ex. A, pp. 55-56
- Ex. C1, p. 57
- Ex. E + F, p. 58

w. 15
- Read pp. 58-60
- Ex. A-D, p. 53-55

w. 16-19
- Travel blog
Choose a country. In that country, choose three places to visit. Look up
1. Where to stay
2. Things to see/do
3. What to eat
in each place.

You also need to look up
4. How to get to the country (and back)
5. How to travel between the different places

Write a travel blog. "Spend" about three days in each place + 1 day for your journey there and 1 day for the journey back. In total, you write about 11 days. Write about things you do/see in each place, what you eat and where you're staying. Don't forget to write about your journeys between the places.

When you're done, hand in the blog in your English folder on Drive and here on Unikum.


  • Visiting another country

  • Travel blog

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