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Week 15

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Grundskola F Engelska
This happens this week.


Welcome back from your holiday. I hope you had a fantastic time. 2 months left of this term now!!


Monday             At school

Group 2 - needs to make sure that page 26, 27 and 28 is done + online exercises. Work sheet with propsitions.

Group 3 - you will practise reading comprehension using an old national test.



Group 2 - we will write a text together using 1 of the pictures on page 29

Group 3 - you continue working following your study plan.


Thursday        At school

Group 2 - It's your turn to write a text on your own using 1 of the pictures on page 29.

Group 3 -  We will look at the second text "Language facts" (chapter 3) and read all the facts and datas, page 24-25.



Group 2 - go through the comments to your text, any changes you need to do you work with that now.

                Goals and check yourself      page 29 + online.         (test Thursday w 16)

Group 3 - Language work - There is/are - page 28.

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