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Do It Yourself

Skapad 2021-04-12 14:50 i Duveds skola Åre
Grundskola 8 Engelska
Interesting texts - facts, instruction, novel, article.


Chapter 4

Do It Yourself


Wave after wave of DIY

Activities in Workbook

  • A B C D (E)


  • DIY terms


A Flying Ring - for the Engineer in You

Activities in Workbook

  • A (C)


Making a proper Home

Activities in Workbook

  • A (B) C D E F G


  • Write definitions

  • Tools


Do-It-Yourself United

Activities in Workbook

  • A B C


  • vocabulary

  • fill in the gaps

  • audio file


Here, you will get the chance to show what you have learnt during these weeks.

  • Listening and reading based on the topics, words and expressions we have met in this chapter.


Knowledge requirements are handed out as paper copies.