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Novel Analysis

Skapad 2021-05-06 14:46 i Vuxenutbildningen Luleå Luleå VUX
Gymnasieskola Engelska
"This book introduces us to many numerous struggles that women experience. This journey of Tambu helps us view society from a different perspective and the fact that everything is achievable is what is portrayed throught this marvellous work by Tsitsi Dangarembga. It surely is a must-read book… You are missing a lot in your life if you haven’t read it yet. Make sure to READ IT" (Alexia Ternate, The Guardian, 2016)


Before you start writing your analysis some pre-work is needed. You are going to analyse Nervous Conditions with the help of postcolonial literary theory. Therefore, the first step will be to familiarise with the concept literary theory and then move forward to the postcolonial literary theory.

Texts from Echo English 7:

These two texts are introductions for the topics.

  • Literary Criticism, pages 240-243 and exercises connected to the text.
  • Literary Criticism: Postcolonialism, pages 244-248 and exercises connected to the text


Usefull material related to the examination is found in the class notebook in Teams Additional Material  (Webbvy)


  • Exercise 1: Discuss Literary criticism in class (Everything you wanted to know about critical theory but were afraid)

  • Exercise 2: Discuss Literary criticism in class (Postcolonial criticism)