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cHANge part 4

Skapad 2021-10-11 10:30 i Flerspråkcentrum Luleå Kommun BUF
Grundskola F Modersmål
In our 4th installment on Change the students will watch George Orwell’s Animal Farm, over the course of 3 to 4 classes for around 20-30 minutes a class. Each viewing is followed by a Q&A either in a circle group or via teams in written quiz form. Please find the material below.


You can find the full movie here:    https://gloria.tv/post/dtFeoPzDfjrx42ifioKz1qVoa

Q&A 1st part of the movie.

Who are three of the main human characters?  What are they like?  Use adjectives to describe them.
Who are some of the main animal characters?  What are they like?  Use adjectives to describe them.
Give a brief overview of what happens in the first part of the film.

Q&A 2nd part of the movie.
Why did the animals raid the farm?
What did the farmers do? 

Deep Dive:
If the farm was a country:  Who would the farmers represent?  Who would Mr. Pilkington represent?

On the animal side:
Who does Snowball represent?
What part of government would Napoleon represent?
Who does Jessie the dog represent?
Who does the horse Boxer represent?
Who does the mouse represent?

Snowball learns to read and write and paints the "bill of Animal Rights" on the wall, name as many of these as you can.
The animals get their own flag, what are the symbols on the flag, and what color is it? 
Why is a flag and song/anthem important for a country?