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BÅ ENG 9 HT 2017 The Perks of Being a Wallflower Eng åk 9

Brunnsåkersskolan, Halmstad · Senast uppdaterad: 29 november 2017

"He's something isn't he?" Bob nodded his head. Patrick then said something I don't think I'll ever forget. "He's a wallflower." And Bob really nodded his head. And the whole room nodded their head..."You see things. You keep quiet about them. And you understand."


This time you will read the youth novel "The Perks of Being a Wallflower" by Stephen Chobsky. It is a novel about growing up, first love, friendship and much more. Hopefully this novel will make you reflect over life. That is one of the reasons we read novels and poems! Other reasons are to improve our vocabulary and reading skill.

We will also watch the film with the same name. You will read about 3 sections every week which means you will have reading as homework as well. We are going to use the novel both to discuss it in writing as well as discussing it in book circles. We will work in this project during week 43-49.

The link for both listening and reading the book you'll find here.

How to do it

Log book

Keeping a log is a good way of writing down your personal ideas about and impressions of the book you are reading. For this purpose, you should use your iPad. Write regularly, throughout the reading. This is also going to be part of the assessment.

First of all, your notes may help you understand the text better, so stop reading from time to time, reflect on the text and write down quotes that you find attention-grabbing, exciting, motivating, funny, strange, thought-provoking, sad, improbable, idiotic, relatable, and so on. Write comments on the quote and try to explain your feelings and thoughts. Here are some ideas about what you will be asked to include in your notes:

  • Think about the characters. Who is the main character? What is s/he like? And what about the other characters? Are they true to life, or do they seem very unreal? Do you like the characters? Can you identify with any of them?

  •  Think about what might happen next in the book. Is there anything you can predict?


  • Have you ever, in your life, experienced anything similar to the events described in the book? What was it?


  • Write down questions on anything you do not quite understand or things you find strange or puzzling.

  • Is there anything about the author’s language that you find interesting? Beautiful? Annoying? Easy/average/difficult? Try to describe why.

  • Write down the quotation, the page (section) you found it and your thoughts. Like this: 




“So, this is my life. And I want you to know that I am both happy and sad and I’m still trying to figure out how that could be” (page 3)


Great way to start the book. I’m over 40 and still trying to figure my life out. How come you can have mixed feelings in between? Looking forward to see if he can figure it out! 




The log will be presented on Sharepoint or Unikum (lärloggen) once a week. It will also be used as help for discussions. You will have answered questions that you should discuss during the lessons. You should also compare the quotes you’ve chosen with the other pupils and explain why you chose them.   


Warm Up Questions:

Use before beginning the audiobook.

  1. Who is your favorite person in the world and why?
  2. Do you resemblance your parents or not?
  3. How do you let people in your life know you care about them?

Mål för elev

  • Att läsa den skönlitterära boken The Perks of Being a Wallflower på engelska.
  • Att se filmen baserad på boken, och förstå tal med engelsk textning.
  • Att kunna uttrycka sina tankar om bokens teman i diskussioner med andra.
  • Att reflektera kring boken och formulera sig i skrift.


Du redovisar boken genom att;

  • diskutera och reflektera kring innehållet (studiefrågor)
  • en skriftlig uppgift kopplad till boken/filmen
  • visa att du har lärt dig betydelsen av nya ord du möter i boken (glosor på Quizlet)






förstå och tolka innehållet i talad engelska och i olika slags texter,

formulera sig och kommunicera i tal och skrift,

Intressen, vardagliga situationer, aktiviteter, händelseförlopp samt relationer och etiska frågor.

Skönlitteratur och annan fiktion även i talad, dramatiserad och filmatiserad form.

Matriser i planeringen
Skriftlig förmåga
The Perks of Being a Wallflower - reflection

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