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Year 9 - The Wave

Södertälje Friskola AB, Fristående Grundskolor · Senast uppdaterad: 8 januari 2019

As a preparation for our Krakow trip, you will read this high school classic: "The Wave", by Todd Strasser.

We will read this novel and divide our time up between reading and working with other skills: grammar work, practice speaking and listening - hence preparing both for the Krakow trip and also for the national test.

Time frame: week 2 - 8.


Tuesday week 3: Read chapters 1-5, then write about the following:

  • According to Mr Ross, the teacher, how did the Germans try to excuse their behavior after the war?
  • Why doesn't Laurie accept this excuse?
  • What motto does Mr Ross write on the White board?
  • Mr Ross introduces four rules for the class to follow. What are the rules?
  • Give examples of the students' reactions to this experiment.

Tuesday week 4: Read chapters 6-10, then write about the following:

  • Why do you think Mr Ross began to dress more formally than usual?
  • Mr Ross no longer wants students to compete against each other in class. What are the pros and cons of this new policy?
  • Why doesn't Robert sit alone at lunch anymore?
  • What exactly is it that attracts the students to The Wave. Give examples.

Friday week 5:Read chapters 11-17, then write about the following:

  • Laurie says: atrocities can be prevented by "never forgetting". David says it is better to leave the past behind. Can we learn from history and limit our mistakes by understanding the reasons why our ancestors did what they did? What do you think?
  • What do we learn from this story?

Once you have read the novel you will be given a written assignment to be compleated by the end of week 8. 


Aktuella och för eleverna välbekanta ämnesområden.

Skönlitteratur och annan fiktion även i talad, dramatiserad och filmatiserad form.

Muntliga och skriftliga berättelser, beskrivningar och instruktioner.

Samtal och diskussioner samt argumentation.

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