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The Travel Agency

Frösåkersskolan, Östhammar · Senast uppdaterad: 24 augusti 2017


  • This is a role-play consisting of two parts: one where you will act as workers at a tourist agency and one where you will act as tourists. You may work alone or in pairs. Tourists visit different agencies and ask questions about the agencies’ cities.
  • At first, half the class will work as tourist agencies and then we will swap places. This means that everyone will both have the role as giving information in the agencies as well as the role of tourists.
  • You choose the destinations on your own, but it has to be a place in an English speaking country. The information you need is in the form.
  • After exploring at least three places the tourists then decide where to go and why.
  • The role-play will be held on the 1st of September!      

Good Luck!


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The Travel Agency
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