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8 - 9


Fuxernaskolan 7-9, Lilla Edet · Senast uppdaterad: 24 januari 2019

We're going to work with a country where they speak English: the USA.

Why the USA?

In English class you need to be able to reflect on the way of life in areas where English is spoken. The USA is a country that influences and affects many countries in the world. It is a country that has been both praised and criticized in, for example, areas of politics and culture. That makes it a country important to learn more about and discuss. We are going to look at different areas of life, as well as facts, important places and history. We will read, listen, discuss/present and write. We will also work with words and grammar. At the end there will be a writing assignment that you will hand in using Unikum.


Facts about the USA

Wings 8 Red

USA - The United States of America, textbook pp. 124-125.

Study words: writing sentensers etc.



Teenage life in the USA

Wings 8 Red

Karonlina Garcia: Los Angeles, textbook pp. 112-113

Christopher Watson: Boston, textbook pp. 114-115

Study words: web exercises.


Learn English Teens

A young blogger's thoughts about American English 


Gleerups English 7-9

Are you a normal teenager?


Places in the USA

Gleerups English 7-9: New York


Let's talk New York + exercises

An Englishman in New York + exercises

A New York School + exercises

The Golden Door of America + exercises

Ground Zero + exercises

New York, New York 


GR Utbildning 

Street USA: Los Angeles

Street USA: Houma, Louisiana

Street USA: New York



Wings 8 Red

The first people, textbook pp. 126-127. Study words: web exercises.

A mix of people, textbook pp. 128-129. Study words: web exercises.

Some dates to remember in American history, textbook pp. 130-131. Study words: web exercises.



Gleerups English 7-9

Substantiv och artiklar

Substantiv i plural

Substantiv, oregelbunden plural

Substantiv, genitiv


Verb, presens

Preteritum av regelbundna verb

Preteritum av oregelbundna verb

Perfekt och pluskvamperfekt



The Grammar Company

A or an?

Plural s

Do and does


Innehåller inga läroplanspunkter

Matriser i planeringen
Writing assignment
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