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7 - 9

Wings 9 - Section 2 Love

Fuxernaskolan 7-9, Lilla Edet · Senast uppdaterad: 21 mars 2018

What is love? That is a gigantic question! In Wings 9, section 2, we will explore this subject.

Swedish Wedding Traditions


You will improve your ability to:

  • understand spoken and written English,
  • write and speak English,
  • use strategies to understand and make yourself understood,
  • adapt your language according to purpose, reader/listener and context and
  • reflect on culture and way of life in different contexts.

In the classroom

You will learn:

  • words that are relevant to this section,
  • about falling in love (at least what the book says about it),
  • about the art of flirting,
  • about different types of weddings.

We will start this section off with watching a film and reflecting on some questions. Then, with Wings Black as a base, we will read, discuss and write different types of texts. We will also work with several activities having to do with the subject.


I will assess:

  • your ability to speak in the classroom and in small groups.
  • your ability to write in the written tasks below.
  • your ability to understand spoken and written English.


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Matriser i planeringen
A summary of a text
Uncountable nouns
American Weddings: task in the classroom
Love: Falling in Love (pp. 48-49 in the textbook)
Love: the verbs come and put
Manjit's Wedding Day pp. 67-72 (textbook): task in the classroom.
Reflections on I Love You, Man
Swedish Wedding Traditions: task in the classroom.
Weddings - your own thoughts

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