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Talk Show

Wieselgrensskolan, Helsingborg · Senast uppdaterad: 4 april 2018

Ni ska i grupp planera och skriva manus till en talk show som ni sedan ska framföra. Ni kan t.ex spela in er show .


It is now time for us to start our project with talk shows. The goal is to stage a talk show of your own.

Here are the requirements´

·       You will work in groups assigned by me (see list).

·       One student will be the host; this student may use cliff notes.

·       Rest of the group will take the role as guests or possible audience (you can also ask the rest of the class to participate as an active audience).

·       Make up a name for your show.

·       Choose a topic, no foul language or offensive subjects will be accepted.   

·       EVERYONE in the group will write down all lines so if someone in the group is absent then the group still will be able to continue the work. Discuss and help each other with things like sentence structure and grammar.

·       When the group is finished we will check it together.

·       Everyone is expected to speak as equally amount of time as possible. Ask someone to listen to you to hear if you have stuck to your subject. Help each other with pronunciation.

·       Do you need any props or are you going to draw a background on the board? Are you going to compose a jingle?

·       You may have a commercial break and advertise something.

·       If you have any difficult words, write them on the board so that your classmates can understand.


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Talk Show

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