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The wave, week 4-9

Smedingeskolan Norr, Kungsbacka Förskola & Grundskola - slutgallrad · Senast uppdaterad: 11 januari 2019

During a couple of weeks you are going to work with reading and writing. You will read "The Wave" and work with the story.


* Ipad

* Pencil (if your teacher recommend it) 

* Notebook (if your teacher recommend it) 

You will gain (få) knowledge by:

* Reading a story

* Work with vocabulary from the story

* Answer questions to the story 


Week 3- Introduction and read the story "The Wave

Week 4-8 Read and work with the story (vocabulary and answer questions, see task here at Unikum)

Week 9 - Work with the language and hand in your answers to the questions (Tuesday) 

The story:  

Response list:

* Correct vocabulary in the sentence (she’s/her)

* Grammar mistakes (is/are, was/were, have/has, wordorder, verb tenses)

* Spelling mistakes (whit = with, to/too, your/you’re, its/it’s, meat/meet

* Spoken and written language (gonna-going to, wanna-want to, you-u)

* Then make sure you have;
- a capital (stor) letter in the beginning of every sentence and capital letter on I in a sentence.
- full stop (punkt) in the end of every sentence
- Not too long sentences, use full stop and commas

* If you use abbreviations (förkortningar) (it’s, wasn’t etc., make sure you put the apostrophe in the right place (not its).
If you are unsure about how to use abbreviations, just write it is, was not etc.

* Look for variation in your text
How to begin a sentence (not too many I, he, she)
You mustn’t begin a sentence with and, because etc. (these are linking words).
* Use a variation of difficult words and expressions.
* Look for correct preposition words, i.e. angry with (not at), look at (not on).

OBS! Before you hand in your text you let at least (minst) one person read your text!

Linking words: 


See matris below. If you aim to reach higher than an E you answer the questions in a continous text. 


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The wave, week 4-9
Questions for The Wave

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