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My Dream Job

Sturebyskolan, Stockholm Grundskolor · Senast uppdaterad: 15 januari 2019

Du ska inför en grupp presentera ditt "drömjobb" på engelska.



My Dream Job


What is your dream job? What would you really like to work with if you could do anything you wanted?



Present facts about your dream job. You must also explain why this is your dream job. You may not make something up, i.e it has to be a real profession.



Some questions to help you on your way…


Facts about your dream job:


-      How do you become a/an ….?


-      Can anyone become a/an …?


-      Do you need some special education or is hard work enough?


-      Is it a common or unusual profession?


-      Is it a job for anyone?


-      Can you work as a/an … in Sweden or do you have to go abroad?


-      Salary: How much do you get paid a month?


-      Describe a typical day at work for a/an … What is the job like/ what do you do?


-      Do you know anyone who works as a/an …? Maybe you can interview him/her.



Why would you like to have this profession?:


-      For how long has this been your dream job?


-      What made you interested in it?


-      What makes it so fantastic/exciting/fascinating?


-      Is it something you would like to work with your whole life or just for a while?



These questions are only to help you on your way. Feel free to add other information that you find worth knowing about your dream job.









-      improve presenting skills by doing a clear and understandable presentation of your dream job


-      expand vocabulary by using proper terminology in your description of your dream job


-      improve your ability to describe something more thoroughly.


Working methods:


-      You will be given some time in class to find facts.


-      Make mind maps.


-      Prepare the presentation and practise. Your presentation should be between  5-10 minutes long.


-      You will do your presentation in class during week 5+6

























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