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Book project

Eriksdalsskolan, Stockholm Grundskolor · Senast uppdaterad: 15 januari 2019

I engelskan och bilden ska vi göra göra ett bokprojekt under några veckor. I engelskan skriver ni en berättelse och i bilden kommer ni att göra framsida och bakgrundsbilder till er historia.

Bild/Engelska-projekt vt 19, 4D

Our storybook.

These next couple of weeks we are doing a collaboration between English and Art and the theme this time is fairytales and stories. We are going to make a storybook with the class’ stories.

The Art part of the project is to illustrate the characters and the settings through a technique called collage and to do the layout of each page.

The English part of the project is to write a story in English. When everything is done we are going to make copies for everyone in the class so you can read your classmates stories.

At the Thursday-lessons we are mainly focusing on the Art-part of the project since Camilla is present during those lessons and on the Friday-lesson English will be our main focus.

Project plan

These weeks you will write a short story. You may choose what kind of story you want to

write but we suggest that you choose among the following genres (story types):


Love Story

Detective Story



Science Fiction



Before you start writing you need to figure out what your story is going to be about. Your

writing will start with the making of a mind-map. Make sure you can fill in the following

facts about your story before you start writing:

Protagonist (hero/main character):

Sex/Name/Age/Nationality/Occupation/Physical description/Character


Background and setting: Time and place for your story.

Plot summary: make a short summary of what will happen in your story

• Remember that the same writing rules apply for English as for Swedish, that is you start

your sentences with a capital letter, you use commas and final stops, you don’t change

tenses in the middle of the story, you try not to write spoken language, you divide your

text into paragraphs etc.


Week 3:

Friday: Mandus is presenting the project.

Week 4:

Thursday: Everybody should have a thought of what your story will be about so that you can start thinking about the design and layout of your frontpage for the story. Camilla is presenting the Art-part of the project. We are also going to look at some English short-stories to see how the structure is.  

Friday: Make your mindmap and thereafter start writing your story.

Week 5, 6, 7 and 8:

We keep on working with our stories and the layout of the different pictures we need. .

Week 10:

Friday: Last day of the project/redovisning. This means that you have to be finished with your story no later than the 8th of March.



Examples on story starters:

Yesterday I was lying in my bed reading. I don’t know for how long I had been reading

when I suddenly heard a voice coming from the book...


James suddenly woke up. He’d heard some noise coming from the basement. It sounded

as if a window broke. He also heard sounds from the stairs. Who could that be? James

sneaked out...


One night when I was just about to fall asleep I suddenly saw a sharp green light outside.

I jumped into a pair of jeans and a sweater and sneaked down into the garden to find out

what it was. Then I saw that a huge spaceship had landed in the middle of the garden.



Jimmy was walking slowly. He felt sad. Everything had turned out wrong today. After all

he wasn’t the one who had beaten Fiona. And it wasn’t he who had fought with Eric. But

everybody said it was. He was definitely going to...


X2 and C14 were sitting absolutely still. They were on their way to Maro. But right now

there was a spaceship that was heading towards them. – We’ll have problems, said X2.

C14 nodded. Soon they were...


Miranda’s grandmother is really someone extraordinary. Her grandmother even has a

flying rocking chair, a fact Miranda was grateful for the day when...


I just woke up one morning and realised that I had shrunk. I tried to get out of bed but...


The first time I met Robert he was.


kommunicera med bilder för att uttrycka budskap,

formulera sig och kommunicera i tal och skrift,

använda språkliga strategier för att förstå och göra sig förstådda,

anpassa språket efter olika syften, mottagare och sammanhang, och

Framställning av berättande och informativa bilder, till exempel serier och illustrationer till text.

Olika element som bygger upp och skapar rumslighet i bilder, till exempel linjer och färg och hur dessa kan användas i bildskapande arbete.

Ämnesområden som är välbekanta för eleverna.

Presentationer, instruktioner, meddelanden, berättelser och beskrivningar i sammanhängande tal och skrift.

Språkliga strategier för att förstå och göra sig förstådd när språket inte räcker till, till exempel omformuleringar.

Språkliga företeelser för att förtydliga och berika kommunikationen som uttal och intonation, stavning och interpunktion, artighetsfraser och andra fasta språkliga uttryck samt grammatiska strukturer.

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