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A Pedagogical Plan of English 6 (distance - 5 weeks)

Mjölby Vuxenutbildning, Mjölby · Senast uppdaterad: 16 juni 2023

Welcome to the distance course English 6 at Mjölby Vuxenutbildning. English is the second course of three when it comes to English at the level of gymnasiet. This course is worth 100 points.


The Pedagogical Plan


We are going to work with:

  • speaking skills (communication and production)
  • writing skills (communication and production)
  • reading and listening skills (to be able to understand written and spoken words)
  • sources and referencing (how to refer to secondary sources)
  • strategies (what we learn to become our own learners)
  • culture 


The students need to work with the mentioned skills in order to develop:

  • their understanding of spoken and written English as well as the ability to interpret the content.
  • their ability to formulate themselves and communicate in spoken and written English.
  • their ability to use strategies in different contexts.
  • their ability to adapt the language to different purposes, recipients and situations.
  • their ability to discuss and reflect on life conditions, societal issues and cultural ideas in different contexts and parts of the world where the English language is used.


The exams will be the following:

  • A book review about We Were Liars
  • An argumentative essay 
  • An improvement of the argumentative essay 
  • A book discussion about Animal Farm
  • A national test in speaking, writing and comprehensive skills (reading and listening)

How will you be assessed?

You will be assessed according to the knowledge requirements I will attach to each assignment. You will be given more information about this later on during the course.


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