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9a Romeo and Juliet Dramatic Unit

Smedshagsskolan, Stockholm Grundskolor · Senast uppdaterad: 10 oktober 2019

An epically creative dramatic interpretation of the eternal tragedy of Shakespeare´s "star-struck lovers".

As a class, we will study, reasearch and examine various component of Shakespeare: biography, theatre, general culture and, in particular, we will dive deep into the pits of love, family, hatred, betrayal and death as we explore and celebrate the mastery of The Bard´s infamous tragedy: Romeo and Juliet.

Introduction will provide background, setting, characters, general plot, language and sonnetry disscussion.

Class activities will include: group discussions, reading/research, listen exercises, theatrical activities and brainstorming.

Unit Final Production:

* Each group will be given an especifc Act & scene to: read, understand, anlayze, discuss and prepare a creative theatrical production to be filmed/recorded. 

* Class time and resources will be given to work in groups: research particular scene and relevant plot, study specific vocabulary-vocabulary-linguistic issues, plan and strategize video production, rehearsal of performance and actual filming and recording.


*** Please note that with only 2 lessons a week, time limitations make it impossible to complete this entire 4 week unit ONLY within lesson times. Consequentially, this assignment requires individual and group work outside of Englishand school lesson schedule. Use time wisely and what is not completed during 4 week lesson period must be supplemented with afterschool/home planning. 






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Romeo and Juliet Knowledge Requirement (Grading Criteire)

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