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What to wear?

Gunnesboskolan, Lunds för- och grundskolor · Senast uppdaterad: 25 februari 2020

We are going to read and discuss about ethical issues in the clothing industry: working conditions, environmental waste products and pollution in the textile industry and ethical clothing.

you will learn that:

  • clothes can be dangerous
  • to reflect about your actions as consumer of clothing
  • do research and reflect on working conditions and human rights.
  • practice your writing skills
  • talk in English and debate clothing issues
  • learn how to use do, does and did
  • learn and practice how to use possessive pronouns
  • the past continuous


Each week there will be some vocabulary to learn as homework. Often these will be given through Quizlet (which is an online resource for learning words). 

At the end of the theme we will assess the following aspects: 

  • Listening comprehension (test)
  • Reading comprehension (test)
  • Written language (text)
  • Spoken language (discussion made in smaller groups)
  • Grammar (do/does/did, possessive pronouns, and some/any) the past continuous (test) 


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