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TMAI 2020 Form 8

Söndrumsskolan, Halmstad · Senast uppdaterad: 24 februari 2020

Time for a new oral report!



Oral report, minimum 180 seconds.


Choose one or more prompts, or talk about something completely different.


Act in pairs, if possible. (If in pairs: minimum 300 seconds, five  minutes)


Write down ten "new" words that you use in your speech, words that you have never said before, (but which you still might know!).


Prepare here, record at home! Or, if in pairs, try to find an empty space in school you could use.


Send it via mail, the ten(10) words written in the mail and the recording attached!


Deadline March the 6th! After that no feedback!




1  Music

2  What Are You Listening To?

3  Who in Your Life Introduces You to New Music?

4  How Much Is Your Taste in Music Based on What Your Friends Like?

5   What Music Inspires You?

6  How Closely Do You Listen to Lyrics?

7   Which Pop Music Stars Fascinate You?

8  Who Is Your Favorite Pop Diva?

9  What’s Your Karaoke Song?

10         What Song/Artist Pairings Would You Like to Hear?

11        Movies, Theater and Television

12         What Were the Best Movies You Saw in the Past Year?

13         What Movies Do You Watch, or Reference, Over and Over?

14         What Movies, Shows or Books Do You Wish Had Sequels, Spinoffs or New Episodes?

15Do You Like Horror Movies?

16         Who Are Your Favorite Movie Stars?

17Would You Pay Extra for a 3-D Movie?

18         What Is Your Favorite Comedy?

19         What Are the Best Live Theatrical Performances You’ve Ever Seen?

20        Have You Ever Stumbled Upon a Cool Public Performance?

21         What Role Does Television Play in Your Life and the Life of Your Family?

22        What Television Shows Have Mattered to You?

23        Do Your Television Viewing Habits Include ‘Binge-Watching’?

24        How Often Do You Watch a Television Show When It Originally Airs?

25         What Old Television Shows Would You Bring Back?

26        Why Do We Like Reality Shows So Much?

27         What Ideas Do You Have for a Reality Show?

28        What Are Your Favorite Commercials?

29        How Much Are You Influenced by Advertising?




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