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English 7 Weeks 9 - 12

Holstagårdsskolan, Helsingborg · Senast uppdaterad: 27 februari 2020

Do you like festivals? This time we're going to work with "Festivals". Which festivals are you acquainted to? Do you like any in particular? Are they Swedish or from another country? Is there any particular reason for that? Tell us more! See you around! Livia


Book Happy No.1 and Classroom 


Review of:

  • Obestämd artikel (a/an)
  • Bestämd artikel (the)
  • Plural (regelbundna och oregelbundna)


  • Genitiv (Lena's sweater)
  • Verb in the simple present (I watch - she watches. You cry - he cries)



  • Quiz (glosor) - Check your GoogleCalender for the words.
  • Grammar (above)
  • Speaking (talk about a Festival you choose).






V.10 + an/a/the and plural (regular and irregular)

  1. samla in (pengar): to raise 
  2. välgörenhet: charity
  3. komisk: comic
  4. stöd, hjälp: relief
  5. samla: collect
  6. ha på sig: wear
  7. passa ihop: match
  8. gåva, bidrag: donation
  9. hitta på: invent
  10. äcklig: disgusting
  11. sedan dess: since
  12. längre: further


V.11+ genitiv

  1. jättestor: huge
  2. fyrverkeri: fireworks
  3. inbjuden: invited
  4. olik: different
  5. våg: wave
  6. färgstark: colorful
  7. hälsningar: regards
  8. antagligen: probably
  9. fullständig: complete
  10. bland: among
  11. skräddare: tailor
  12. odla: grow
  13. fånga: catch
  14. tacksam: thankful
  15. överleva: survive


V.12 + simple present

  1. avstånd: distance
  2. ta emot: receive
  3. färdig: done
  4. brasa, bål: bonfire
  5. ond: evil
  6. aska: ashes
  7. klä ut sig: dress up
  8. skrämma: scare
  9. tro: believe
  10. släkting: relative
  11. helgon: saint
  12. fira: celebrate
  13. grundskola: elementary
  14. förbereda: prepare



V. 12 (muntligt)

Choose a Festival to talk about.

You are going to work with a Presentation (with pictures and key-words), which you are going to show to your friends.

Answer to the following questions, look for information and do not forget to give the sources for your research.

Questions to consider:

FESTIVAL (write the name of the festival as the title of your presentation)

- Where?

- When?

- Who (who takes part)?

- Why - what do they celebrate?

- When was it first celebrated?

- Would you like to experience this festival? Why?


You have up to 8 minutes to talk about your festival. When you are done with your presentation. Take a timer to see how much you have to say.



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