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Book talks SA17

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In this assignment, you are going to read a book and discuss it in a group.

In this assignment, you are going to read and discuss a book in a group. The group is formed by the students who read the same novel that you have borrowed from the library. Please find the group list in the learning log. There is some lesson time to read, but you might also have to do reading on your own. Your participation in the discussion is basis for assessment concerning speaking and reading skills.





  1. Choose a novel to read from the library. 

  2. Send a message to your teacher where you mention what book you read. 
  3. Find the group list in the learning log and note what group number goes with the title.
  4. Find the discussion questions below. 
  5. Read
  6. Make notes for the discussion questions as you go along reading the book to prepare for the discussion. 
  7. During the “preparation-lesson” you go through the discussion questions and your notes.  Look at the instructions, and the knowledge requirements for the examining book talk and prepare both individually and as a group. 

  8. Participate in the (mandatory) examining book talk. 


Book Talk questions English 7


·       Who are the main and minor characters?


o   What are their primary characteristics? Direct characterization=what we know about the characters from what the author tells us.

o   How would you describe them? Indirect characterization=what conclusions do you draw, or what thoughts do you have about the character?

o   How did the characters change, grow or evolve throughout the course of the story?

o   What events triggered such changes?


·       Who is the narrator?


·       How are the events in the story described and organized?


·       What has happed in the story? (Everybody in the group should contribute to this description.)

o   Which scene did you see as the climax of the story? Why?

o   What did you think about the ending?

o   What did you like, what did you not like, and what do you wish had been different?


·       Did you detect any theme(s) in the story?

o   What do you think the author is trying to get across to the reader?

o   Have you seen any relationship to the title?

o   What do you think the title could mean?


·       What is the setting?

o   Where and when does the story take place?

o   What made the setting unique or important?

o   How did the setting affect the events of the story?


·       How would you describe the language in the book?


·       The groups also make up 3-5 discussion questions of their own. These could concern for example:

o   Your own opinion of the book.

o   Examples and quotes from the book to illustrate any of the discussion questions above.

o   Facts about the author. Any relationship or effect on the story or characters?

o   What genre is it? What is typical of it?

o   Comparisons to other books or films






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