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7 - 9

Photography & images on the Interent

Rödabergsskolan, Stockholm Grundskolor · Senast uppdaterad: 18 augusti 2020

In this unit, you will learn the basics in digital photography; lightning, composition and editing. You will also learn about how images on the internet can be manipulated and used in order to influence us.


We will work with digital photography and image editing. When we shoot, the focus will be on lighting, and you will practice lighting images in a specific way. You will be both a photographer, assistant and model when we photograph. At the end of the unit, you will plan and carry out your own photography, as well as edit the photo you have taken. The unit also contains theoretical excercises and discussions where you will learn about how photographs and other images can be loaded with significance to influence what we think and feel.


After the unit, you should be able to:

  • Illuminate and perform a photo shoot using two studio lights and a photo background
  • Edit a photo in GIMP
  • Give examples of how images can be manipulated for a specific purpose


We will work with...

  • Photo Backgrounds, LED Lights, Light Stands, Photo Stands, iPads, Digital Cameras and GIMP
  • ImageRaider & TinEye
  • Practical exercises where you learn to illuminate and edit digital photographs
  • Theoretical reviews, writing assignments and discussions


The assessment will be based on...

  • How you work during class, i. e. your ability to plan and carry out a photo shoot
  • The pictures you hand in, i. e. your ability to edit images in GIMP
  • Written and oral tests and presentations, i. e. your knowledge of and your reasoning about how images can be spread and manipulated to influence what we think and feel

Practical knowledge is assessed in the work you submit. Theoretical knowledge is assessed via exit and entrance tickets as well as other types of written information.


  • You participate activley in all tasks and excercises
  • You try our best when we are using GIMP, even if it is difficult
  • You plan and execute your own projects independently


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