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Role models

Gränbyskolan, Uppsala · Senast uppdaterad: 21 september 2020

What is a role model? Is she or he always a young, rich, and famous person? Who is your role model?

During the first six-seven weeks we will work with the topic Role models. What is typical of a good role model? Are there bad role models? Can anybody be a role model or do they have to be rich and famous? What describes a good and a bad role model? We will work with words together. Who are your role models, now, and who were your role models when you were children? We will discuss this in pairs and together in class. We will read about some famous role models and watch some short TV-clips with people who are regarded to be role models. Then you will write a text about one of your own role models.



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Kunskapskrav Engelska 7-9 Role model
Instruction: how to write a text about your own role model
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