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8 - 9

The road trip

Maja Beskowskolan, Umeå · Senast uppdaterad: 5 oktober 2020

Du ska planera och dokumentera en bilresa genom USA samt förbered en muntlig presentation om olika sevärdheter du besöker längs vägen.

1.   Individual assignment - To write a journal 250 - 500 words.

Keep a journal each day and stop along the road. The trip will last for three days with one stop each day. Be realistic about how far you can drive each day. 

Write about what you have done and what you have seen. Be creative!

What car are you driving?

·         What do you see along the road?

·         Where are you staying? – look at hotels on the Internet.

·         Plan your meals – where are you going to eat? What? Any local specialities?

·         What are you going to do during your trip? Look at the Internet for information.

o   Attractions

o   Cities

o   Sights

o   Sports


2.  Group/Pair assignment - Write about two attractions.


You are going to work in groups or pairs. Write about one special attraction that you will visit during your trip each. 

  • Where is it located?

  • Does it have an interesting history?


You will present your work on your attraction by making a powerpoint presentation. Make sure you are well prepared to do the presentation


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A trip to America