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My favourite song

Sävar skola, Umeå · Senast uppdaterad: 9 november 2020

This is an oral presentation about your favourite song.

Choose your favourite song. Listen to it and make sure that you know and understand the lyrics. Your job is to let the class listen to a part of the song, but not the whole song. Play the first verse and the chorus. That’s it.

During your presentation I want you to, first of all, let us listen to the song. Then I want you to analyse the lyrics. What do the lyrics make you feel like? Tell us why you like this song so much. Does it have to do with the lyrics, or is it the music that gets you going?

I want this presentation to last for two minutes, not counting the time it takes to play the song. This might mean that you have to talk about more than just the lyrics. Does the song bring back memories, for example? In that case you might tell us about those memories. ­­Is there something that you feel that you have to say about the artist or band?

It is up to you to come up with an interesting way to present this to the class.


This assignment is not on Google Classroom since there isn't anything that you need to hand in. 


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My favourite song.

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