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Eng planering v.2-3

Lerbäckskolan, Lunds för- och grundskolor · Senast uppdaterad: 10 januari 2021

Här kommer planeringen för de kommande veckorna. Den kan komma att ändras beroende på hur långt vi hinner på lektionerna.

v.2-3 planering eng åk 7A







- Introduction - Clothes

- Vocabulary check- Which words do you already know?(30 min) If you are done within the time: Check the vocabulary from text book p.32-33

- Exercises: Every student has to do level 1 and those of you who are done within time continues with level 2. 

  • Level 1: p.30 ex 1A, p.31 ex 2A, p.34 ex 7, 

  • Level 2: p.43 ex 23 

(There will be a document in CR that you shall work in)

- Homework to check the words from book p.32-33 and finish if you haven’t finished them

- Read text from text book p.34-35. 

- When you are done write complete sentences with the words in the yellow box on p.35. 

- We will go through the sentences at the end of class.

- H/W Read the text aloud at home and learn the vocabulary in the yellow box on p. 35 

Quizlet link to the words:


- Läsförståelse: Read and/or listen to the link:

- Answer the quiz questions (8 questions) below in the link 

- Write down and translate into Swedish at least 8 words that you don’t understand or difficult words. 

- Go through some of the words written down in class.

- Speaking exercise in groups of 3-4 

questions can be found in CR

- grammar explanation (comparative and superlative adjectives)  

- grammar exercises

- Read p.40-41 in textbook.

- Exercises in workbook p.35 ex.8 and p.46 ex 30

- H/W learn words on p.40 describing people


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