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Good Stuff C Gaming

Farsta grundskola/Adolf Fredriks musikklasser, Stockholm Grundskolor · Senast uppdaterad: 19 februari 2021

As long as people have existed they have been playing games. Let's have a closer look at this. What kind of a player are you?

This period we are going to work with the theme: Gaming

Textbook: p 82-83  (81-96)

Workbook: p 71-72 (71-82)

Note: We work with the texts "Pick a game" together. Then you can choose other texts on an individual basis. 

Practise words from chapter 

Real English for gamers



Reflexiva pronomen   Workbook p 124-125


grammar 4U


Some / any  Workbook p126-127


Grammar 4U

And on Youtube:

Most sold games 1989-2019

game addiction



You are also going to try some Game constructing 

Writing: short essay



Goal: After this period you have practiced to use words related to gaming when you speak and write. You are more sure of how to use reflexive pronouns and some / any. 

Your participation during class is very important. You will also have the opportunity to show your skills in a  vocabulary / grammar check and when your write your essay.


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words and grammar check
150 words
Creating a game
150 words of gaming