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7 - 9

The Media Eng 8

von Bahrs skola, Uppsala · Senast uppdaterad: 13 april 2021

The original definition of the word media is “communicating with a large number of people, especially through tv, radio and newspapers''. Back in time, mostly journalists spread the word, and therefore the news. You could trust that the information was true. As society changes though, so does our communication. Who communicates in media today? Nowadays, we are surrounded by news wherever we are. Some even say that we have the whole world in our pockets - meaning in our smartphones. And by that, anyone can send out a message on social media to everyone having access to the Internet. This, however, means that all people who read updates have to be critical to the given information. We are going to read in textbook, discuss and find out more about what media is and how it affects us. You are also going to be tested in skills as your reading and listening comprehension.

Content (Innehåll) week 10-16

- Textbook section 1 “The Media”

- Workbook

- Grammar

- Small writing tasks

- Conversations

- Läsförståelseprov

- Hörförståelseprov

Underlag för bedömning:

- Ditt klassrumsarbete

- Din läsförståelse

- Din hörförståelse

- Din skrivförmåga

- Din muntliga förmåga (samtal och kommunikation)
- Dina språkliga strategier


Detta är en översiktsplanering, den kan komma att ändras.


Planering TEMA:  The Media (v. 10-16)

v. 10

Introduce our theme

Textbook p.10-12

Workbook p.19: task 25

v. 11


Textbook p.13-15

Workbook p.20: task 26

Conversation about media

v. 12


Textbook p.16-17

Workbook p.25: task 39

v. 13


v. 14

Reading comprehension test


Textbook p.22-24, 25-27

Workbook p.16: task 18 + p.9: task 7 + p.17: task 19

v. 15

Watching tv

Textbook p.28-29

Workbook p.11: task 9


v. 16

Listening comprehension test




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