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Music week 20-22

Stenbergaskolan åk 4-9, Söderhamn · Senast uppdaterad: 19 maj 2021

What kind of music do you like? What is your favourite band? What is your favourite song at the moment? What song was your first favourite song? What instruments do you know the names of? We are going to discuss these questions in our first theme: Music. Do you have a favourite artist or type of music? You will learn about ABBA. Working with grammar is also included in this course.

You will get the opportunities to develop your ability to:
* understand and interpret the content of spoken English and in different types of texts,
* express yourself and communicate in speech and writing,
* use language strategies to understand and make yourselves understood,



  • To learn new words to the theme music
  • To understand different genre of texts
  • To talk about your favourite music
  • To be sure how to use the verbs: be, have and verbs in present tense


Core content/method:

  • Working with words to our theme Music
  • Working with grammar: presens av verbet be, have, verb i enkel presens




We will work with this theme till schools out.

You will have a chance to translate your favorite English text and explain what the song is about.

We will have fun listening to different music texts and learning about ABBA.


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