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7 - 9

Travel around the English speaking world

Domnarvets skola, Borlänge · Senast uppdaterad: 7 september 2021

This project will give you the opportunity to learn more about the English speaking World (except the British Isles, the USA and Canada). In groups you will produce and film a travel show, in which you describe, compare and show the two countries from different continents you have chosen. You will also write shorter travel blogs.

Tuesday 24/8

Time schedule


Tuesday 24/8

  • Introduction Travel around the English speaking world
  • Watch Travel show about Amsterdam

Thursday 26/8

  • Expert groups:    
  1. Read a text and mark important information with a highlighter
  2. Make a mind-map/list with keywords 


Tuesday 31/8

  • Watch films of English speaking countries in different contintents
  • Wish for groups to work in
  • Wish for country to work with
  • Finish preparing mind-map about Africa/The West Indies/Australia/India

Thursday 2/9

Starter: Present your country or continent (Africa/The West Indies/Australia/India) using your keywords 

  • Getting to know your groups
  • Decide/find out which two continents and countries you will to "travel" to
  • Look at pictures of your two countries


Tuesday 7/9

  • Starter: Look at plan for this project
  • Finding "Short facts" (Population, religion, capital and other big cities, languages, and how English travelled there)
  • Get homework (15 words to learn)

Thursday 9/9



Tuesday 14/9

  • Word check
  • Find out what to see and do in your countries

Thursday 16/9

  • Starter: Writing Travel Blog 1 (15 min): The first day at the first destination


Tuesday 21/9

  • STARTER: How to start a travel show. We'll be looking at a few different ways. 
  • Work with finding facts, pictures and videos. 

Thursday 23/9

  • Find facts and maybe start filming? 


Tuesday 28/9

  • Starter: Writing Travel Blog 2 (15 min): A comparison between the two countries
  • Continue working with the project

Thursday 30/9

  • STARTER: Last lesson to prepare your Travel Show. Is everything included?
  • Work with your Travel show = film + revise your movie
  • Share your film with Clara


Tuesday 5/10

  • STARTER: Prepare for taking notes + giving STARS and WISHES
  • Watching the Travel Shows 

Thursday 7/10

  • Finish writing the travel blogs (1-2)
  • Revising blogs


Tuesday 5/10

  • Revising one of the Travel blogs
  • A mini-test of the information from the Travel shows



Travel show

In groups you are going to prepare, film and edit a travel show. In this travel show you have to portrait two countries in which English is the official and the main spoken language. The countries have to be situated in two different continents of the world (Asia, South America, Europe, Africa, Oceania). Your show will be shown to the class so that everyone learns more about the different English speaking countries.

Need to be in the show:
• Short facts about the countries (geography (capital, big cities), population, religion, how English traveled here, languages) 
• Present interesting things about your countries eg. places to visit, things to do (a must) then choose two of the following: food, clothing, animals, sports, culture and traditions ... 
• A comparison between the two countries your group has chosen, showing pros and cons for visiting the different countries, but also similarities and differences between them.
• Prepare two questions with four alternative answers and mark the correct answer. Your questions will be used in a Kahoot after watching all the travel shows. 
Include the answers to the questions in your show.

Remember this
Remember to make the presentation and comparison fun and interesting to watch. Use props and pictures to make the show more interesting. Use your fantasy for this part! Everyone in the group has to speak!


Group size: 2-3 people

Time: 5-6 lessons of preparation (w.50-5) and 1-2 lessons of watching the shows (w.5-6).

Length of the film: 5-10 minutes

Material: you need to gather information about your travel destinations, for this you may use your computers and books. For filming the show you may also use phones and edit either by computer or phone.

Travel Blogs 1-3

You will be writing three Travel blogs as starters of the lessons. You will get about 15 minutes to write each blog. Instructions you will find in the task (see Uppgifter: Travel blog 1, Travel blog 2, Travel blog 3).


Revising one of the Travel Blogs 

Use the response you have received and revise one of your travel blogs.


A mini-test 

A test made out of your Travel shows. Remember to take notes while watching the shows!



Your speaking skills will be graded on both group level and individually. Your writing and revising skills will be graded individually.


  • The travel show.


  • The three shorter travel blogs 


  • One of the travel blogs - you choose which of the three you will revise and you will get response on that blog.


  • Both the Travel show and the Travel blogs.


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Matriser i planeringen
Betygsmatris: Travel around the English speaking world
Speaking; Travel Show
Travel blog 1: The first day at the first destination
Travel blog 2: A comparison between the two countries
Links to YouTube - introduction countries + examples Travel shows

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