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English Speaking Countries - Cultural Studies

Dackeskolan, Mjölby · Senast uppdaterad: 23 augusti 2022

When you study English you need to learn about the worlds English speaking countries.

The purpose of the assignment is to study culture in English speaking countries by finding facts and making presentations in smaller groups.

You have just won a trip for two and will be leaving Sweden on Friday and you will visit two English speaking countries.

Choose from:

- Australia
- New Zealand
- United Kingdom
- United States
- Canada
- Ireland

When you get back from your trip we would like to know about your trip in class.

Please make an interesting presentation about the countries you visited and let us know about your experiences. Make your presentation in form of a diary.

Do not focus on facts and numbers, the main aspect is to learn more about history and culture, also try to find some fun facts and reveal some things you think we do not know. 

Mandatory aspects to look at:

*What to see and do (what would you do if you were there?)
*Language and accents 

Use keywords or mindmaps during your presentation which should be approximately 5 minutes long. You will be expected to present your trip to the class on Tuesday September 6th.

You can work on your own or in pairs. You will not hand anything in, only oral presentation using google presentations and other aids such as pictures and videos.


 Week 34-36 Cultural Studies 

w 34 -Tuesday - Find facts for content

w 35 -Monday - How to make a good presentation + work on presentation

w 35 -Tuesday - Work on presentation

w 36- Monday - Finish and practise

w 36- Tuesday - Presentation time in two groups:

RL 8.30
BA 9.00

I look forward to interesting presentations!



Levnadsvillkor, attityder, värderingar, traditioner, samhällsfrågor samt kulturella, historiska, politiska och sociala förhållanden i olika sammanhang och delar av världen där engelska används.

Talat språk, även med social och dialektal färgning, och texter, även komplexa och formella, som är berättande, diskuterande, argumenterande, rapporterande och redogörande, även via film och andra medier.

Muntlig och skriftlig produktion och interaktion i olika situationer och med olika syften, där eleverna argumenterar, rapporterar, ansöker, resonerar, sammanfattar, kommenterar, värderar och motiverar sina åsikter.

Bearbetning av språk och struktur i egna och andras muntliga och skriftliga framställningar, även i formella sammanhang. Anpassning till genre, situation och syfte.

Matriser i planeringen
Engelska 6 - Muntlig framställning

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