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Veckoplanering v. 36-37

Luleå Gymnasieskola, Luleå Kommun AUF · Senast uppdaterad: 9 september 2021

Veckoplanering som uppdateras regelbundet.

The wildly complex anatomy of a sneaker – Ted-Ed

Some questions to think about before watching this short animated film about how sneakers are made: 

How many sneakers do you have?

Do you know what a carbon footprint is?

Are you a responsible consumer?


View Points Them Crossing Boundaries

Text 2 The Power of the Pen

Before reading – discuss question on p. 19

Listening whole class (9 min) or the View Points 1 web (Skolon-Gleerups-View Points1 web)

Reading p. 19-22

Exercises p. 23-29 – key in TEAMS + copies

Irregular verb list p. 246-248

Word test next week Friday based on 45 words from the text/exercises/ -link TEAMS-

Gap text. In each sentence there is a Swedish adjective or adverb in brackets. Translate this word into English. View Points p. 25-26; p. 223-227

Complete the sentences with the correct past form of the irregular verb in brackets. View Points p. 27-28;  p. 246-248

Word formation: At the end of each sentence there is a word in capital letters. Rewrite this word in the appropriate form to complete the sentence. View Points p. 26-27

Link to British Council Learning English – word formation


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