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Campus Backa, Katrineholm · Senast uppdaterad: 16 november 2021

Read the novel Holes and work with questions and words. Group discussions and Novel Review.








Holes Chapter 1-6


What has happened, so far, in the story? 


What do we know about Stanley and his family? 


Tell me about the surroundings at Camp Green Lake!


Tell me about the characters presented in the novel!


What do you think will happen next?  


What do you think of the plot (handlingen), so far?


Chapter 7


What has happened to Elya Yelnats? 


Who is Madame Zeroni?


What happens to Elya when he comes to America? 


Stanley dug his first hole. How did it go? 




Chapter 8-13


Stanley finds something in one of the holes he is digging. What is it and what happens to it? 


X-Ray wants to talk to Stanley about finding interesting things in the holes. What does he say to Stanley? 


Why is he called X-Ray? 


What is Stanley's nickname? 


After digging a few holes, Stanley finds something again. What is it this time? 


What does Stanley do to the item and in what way does it benefit him? 


Chapter 14-18


What was X-Ray's reward when he gave the Warden the tube (K B)? 


How would you describe the Warden? 

Why did the boys have to use wheelbarrows? 


Why was X-Ray rude to Stanley when Stanley tried to talk to him about the tube? 


Stanley gets hit in the head. Why, by whom and what happens to him after that? 


When Stanley is writing a letter to his mom, Zero asks him something. What? 




Chapter 19-25


What do the boys do to the sunflower seeds? 


What does Stanley do when Mr. Sir confronts him? 


What happens when Stanley and Mr. Sir meet the Warden?


Who had dug Stanley's hole, while he was away?


Stanley starts to teach Zero. They make an agreement. What?


Tell me about Katherine Barlow. Who was she? 


Why didn't Mr.Sir fill Stanley's canteen, do you think? 


What happens between Kate and Sam? 


Chapter 26-30 


What happens to Kate and Sam when people find out they've kissed?


What is Zero's real name? 


After twenty years, Kate Barlow returned to Green Lake. What happened to her then? 


The other boys find out the deal between Stanley and Zero. What do they do? 


How does Zero react to this? 


What does the Warden do? 




Chapter 32-41 


What happens to Zero?


What do Mr Pendanski and the Warden do to Zero's records? Why? 


What is the name of the new kid? Why did they give him that specific nickname?

What does Stanley do to the water truck? 


Where does Stanley find Zero? 


What is "Sploosh"? What does it do to Zero?


Zero says: "When you spend your whole life living in a hole, the only way you can go is up". What do you think he means by that? 


The boys are getting closer to the mountain, but something happens to Zero. What? 


What does Stanley find when reaching the Thumb?


Zero reveals a secret. What is the secret? 


How does Zero's condition improve? What helps him in the healing process?   


Chapter 42-46 


While finding strength, Stanley comes up with an idea. What is it? 


What do we know about Zero and his mother? 


How does Zero steal the sneakers? 


Who is Jaffy? 


What happens to the boys when they return to the compound? 







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