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Go the distance!

Rotskärsskolan 7-9, Älvkarleby · Senast uppdaterad: 24 augusti 2022

In year 8, we are going to work quite a bit with the US. In this chapter, we'll start by travelling together to two of the most famous states; Florida and California.

What is this?

In the text below you'll find information about the different assignments we'll work with during our first chapter together. You need to be logged on to your Office account to get access to most of the links.

Texts for this chapter: Texts - Florida, here we come, and San Francisco.pdf

Booklet with exercises for this chapter: Workbook - Florida och San Francisco.pdf


Florida, here we come!

  • Before reading - talk in smaller groups about how vacations are planned in your family
  • Read/listen to the text 
  • Explore the text - exercise A (in pairs, one character each)
  • Vocabulary - exercise B
  • Activities - exercise E (listening), E, F, and G


Leave your heart in San Francisco

  • Read/listen to the text 
  • Explore the text - exercise B (in pairs or groups of three)
  • Vocabulary - exercises C and D
  • Activities - exercises E (listening), F (listening), and G 



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