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English version of Skolverkets Assessment for Language

Skapad 2019-05-29 15:55 i Kvarngärdesskolan Uppsala
Grundskola F – 3 Engelska
Level 1
Level 2
Level 3
Level 4
Reading, text
Read simple and well known text with fluency
You can name som letters with help. You know the sound to some of the letters. You can recognize some word pictures with help.
You can name all the letters. You know how the letters sound (lower and upper cases) You recognize common word pictures like and, an, the, I , you. You can sound out letters into words. You can read simple words and sentences.
You can recognize more common word pictures (focus words) like there, this,
You realize when you are making a reading mistake and can correct yourself.
Reading, comp
Show reading comprehension by commenting and retelling the content.
With support of an adult, you can understand what you read.
You understand what you read.
You can read short texts and understand as well as retelling the story.
You can read a whole book with simple text and understand and retell the story.
Writing, text
Write a simple text with readable hand style and on computer.
You can write some upper and lower letters.
You can write upper and lower case letters in readable hand writing.
You can write a text you can read yourself.
You can write so the text is readable to yourself as well as others
Writing, letters
Use of capital letter, punctuation and questions mark as well as spelling common words.
You can write a sentence where the words are written in the correct direction
You leave a gap between words. You can write/spell simple words either with or without visual images/support.
You can spell simple words such as and, he, as. You know that text should have both capital and lower case letters and you use them sometimes in your written text.
You can spell longer high frequency words. You know when to use capital letters, full-stops and question marks and do so in your writing.
Writing, illustrating
Combine text with picture to strengthen and clarify a message.
With support of an adult, you write to communicate with or without support of pictures.
You try to write to communicate with or without support of pictures.
You can write short sentences, with and without support of pictures.
You can write a short text with and without support of pictures.
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