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Essay To kill a mockingbird

Skapad 2020-01-12 08:37 i Kungsholmens västra gymnasium Stockholm Gymnasieskolor

Reading comprehension:
Understanding content and details in written English of an advanced nature. Show understanding by giving account of, discussing, commenting and drawing conclusions on content and details. Act on basis of the message and the contents.
Understand main content and essential details and, with some certainty, implied meaning Show understanding in basic terms and with acceptable results
Show understanding in a well-grounded way and with satisfactory results
Understand the whole and details and implied meaning Show understanding in a balanced way and with good results
Written communication:
Express yourself with variation, structure, clarity, fluency and adaptation to purpose, recipient and situation.
Varied Clear Structured Fluency Some adaptation
Balanced Adaptation
Good precision Well-structured Good adaptation
Cultural knowledge:
Discuss some features in parts of the world where English is used, and make comparisons with own experiences and knowledge
In basic terms Simple comparisons
In detail Well-developed comparisons
In a balanced way Balanced comparisons