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Critical Skills - The Catcher in the Rye

Skapad 2020-10-20 18:41 i Rödabergsskolan Stockholm Grundskolor
Grundskola 9 Modersmål Engelska
Yet to attain
Minimum goals attained
Minimum goals exceeded
Higher goals attained
Close Reading
Ability to notice the details of a text, such as double meanings, symbolism, and analogies.
Too many important details are missed.
A few (one or two) details per passage are noted. Details we have studied together are also sufficiently explained.
Several (=more than half the possible) details are noted and quoted.
Most details are noted, and none of the major details are missed.
Ability to treat a theme as it relates to a text and to reality. Ability to relate experience (own or others') to a theme.
The concepts are not sufficiently explained and/or exemplified.
Treats, to the most part with accuracy and relevance, more than one aspect of concepts.
Clearly explains and accurately treats more than one aspect of given concepts and their relevance.
Clearly delineates, evaluates and treats, by both text and real life reference, more than one aspect of each concept.
Depth and strategy of analysis
Ability to examine ideas through explanation and argumentative skills. Ability to evaluate personal opinions.
Explanations are missing or unsubstantial or inaccurate. Personal statements are unsupported and sweeping generalisations might exist.
Attempts use of the Point-Explanation(-Example model) and is at least partly accurate and relevant.
Some Point-Explanation(-Example) Includes personal opinion in an academically appropriate way.
Strong use of Point-Explanation-(Example). Includes personal opinion in an academically appropriate way. . Where points are questionable or inaccurate, the reasoning is still well executed.
Ability to use sources to support and develop ideas.
Shows lacking accuracy or knowledge of content.
Uses at least 2 examples (quotes or references). .
Discusses the text accurately, using examples to support arguments.
Treats several texts (e.g. both original text and others for comparison or contrast).
Ability to use correct method to quote or reference other texts.
Does not accurately quote or reference texts.
Quotes or references texts to the most part correctly (i.e. minor mistakes in punctuation may exist, but it is clear that the words are from a text that is specified, and that the words are not the writer's (=student's) own.
Flawlessly quotes and references text.
Ability to use correct and appropriate language.
Insufficiently academic and/or too many language errors.
Attemps some use of academic language, with occasional lapses to informal language.
For the most part free of informal language. Uses some subject terminology.
Correct. Academic language, tone and style. Subject terminology mostly used where possible.
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