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Kvarngärdesskolan Bed.stöd läs- och skrivutv. för år 1-3, som underlag för bedömning i engelska Blic år 1-3

Skapad 2020-10-27 22:02 i Kvarngärdesskolan Uppsala
Bedömningsstöd i läs- och skrivutveckling ger läraren möjlighet att följa elevens läs- och skrivutveckling och är ett material som ingår som en del av den ordinarie undervisningen. Detta, översatt till engelska, används här som underlag för att bedöma engelskan för de elever som går i de tvåspåkiga, biligual classes (Blic) år 1-3 på Kvarngärdesskolan
Grundskola 1 – 3 Engelska Svenska Svenska som andraspråk

Materialet "Bedömningsstöd i årskurs 1–3 i läs- och skrivutveckling" utgår från kursplanen i svenska och svenska som andraspråk med kunskapskrav i årskurs 1 och 3.
Här är det översatt till engelska för Blic-klasserna 1-3.

Avstämning A (åk 1)

Avstämning A READING - The student can decipher the reading code and show understading of what he/she reads. WRITING -The student starts Writing to express him/herself.
I can say the names of most letters and know the sounds.
I know in what direction I write.
I can identify individual words in a sentence.
I try to write to comunicate.
I read simple words and sentences by sounding out the letters and sounds and word recognition.
I explore my writing by using capital letters and/or lower case letters.
I try to reread an individual word and correct myself on the teachers request
I often put space between my words.
I show understanding of the content when reading out loud by commenting and retelling some of the text.
I connect more or less all sounds with letters or phonics
I show understanding of the content when a teacher is reading out loud and I am able to relate and compare this to my own experience and I can talk about the content.
I often makes sentences but only sporadically put capital letters and full stops

Avstämning B (åk 2)

Avstämning B READING - The student uses a few different strategies to understand what was read, notice if there is a problem with the comprehension and read with help from sounds, phonemes and ortographic reading (words) WRITING - . The student writes short texts with basic content.
I am still depending on sounding out letters/phoneme but the reading is starting to be more automated with help from ortographic reading (word recognition)
I write so the text is readable to myself.
I read simple sentences with fluency.
I write to communicate
I stop reading when there is a problem with word comprehension and context.
I use most capital lettes and lower case letters in the correct way.
Most of the time, I reread by myself and correct myself if neccessary.
I use spacing between my words
I show understading of the content of a text by retelling parts of the content and I can answer questions.
I can spell some, for me common words/sight words.
I start to use different strategies for understanding, ie looking for clues, drawing conclusions and making predictions before and after the reading.
I show ability to mark my sentence with capital letter and full stop.

Avstämning C (åk 3)

Avstämning C READING - LETTERS AND FICTION TEXT AND DESCRIPTIVE TEXT The student uses many different strategies to understand the text on a deeper level, and reads both shorter and longer words with fluency. WRITING - The student is writing longer texts with plot and content.
  • Sv   3   Genom att kombinera sina texter med bilder kan eleven till viss del förstärka och förtydliga sina budskap.
I read with fluency and understanding and ortographic reading is the dominant strategy.
I write readable with capital and lower case letters.
I recognise blends and phoneme and uses them as a strategy when reading unfamiliar or complicated words.
I write fiction texts with a clear structure
I correct myself when needed.
I write describing texts where the content is clear and understandable.
I read non-fiction text, age appropriate and about a subject relevant to me, andI can retell the content.
I search and find information from given source.
I read fiction texts about a subject of interest to meand can retell the content orally
I can spell, to me common Words.
I draw conclusions and make predictions during and after the reading.
I mark my sentences with capital letter, full stop and question mark in my own texts.
I read longer texts by myself and show understanding of the content by answering questions.
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