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Engelska Wings 7 Music 14/15

Skapad 2014-09-09 09:20 i Friskolan Metis Grundskolor
Section 1 textbook - Wings 7
Grundskola 7 Engelska
You will study for instance words for instruments and artists and talk about your favourite music.


Följande mål ligger till grund för arbetsområdet

In this section you will study:
Words for instruments
Words connected with music and artists
How to talk about your favourite music
How other people describe their favourite music
How to describe an artist and his/her music



Plan your work i your Notebook every Thursday and work according to your plan. You'll find the general plan in Google every week and also plans for the lessons there.

Find new words to learn every week.

Read, write, speak and listen as much as you can! Try to speak English the whole lesson.

It's important to write down answers to tasks and exercises in your Notebook. 

Evaluate every lesson in your notebook. 

You are going to pass a test after Section 1.


After this section you should be able to
Talk/write about the music you like
Talk/write about common instruments
Understand people who talk about music
Write a description of an artist
Understand a written description of an artist and his/her music
Understand the grammar you studied. Use it to speak and write.

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