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Veckoplanering åk 7
Grundskola 7 Engelska

Planering Engelska v.10-14

week 10

  • Find out what English kids have in their lunchbox. Read texts and answer questions (see separate document - Unikum).

  • We go through and prepare for the home assignment (see below).

  • Finish translating your recipe.

week 11

  • • Listening and hearing comprehension tests. (Går ej att förbereda sig till.)

week 12

  • Discussion about British school lunch and the differences between British and Swedish lunch in school.

  • Step 1 (Home assignment) - finished. (Making the recipe.)

week 13

Easter holiday

week 14
• Step 2 and 3 (Home assignment). We work together and finish the assignment in school.


Home assignment:

Step 1: You are going to film (engelskt tal och bild) when you are either; 1) preparing a typical British lunchbox or 2) making the recipe that you have chosen to work with or 3) making the teachers’ choice of dessert (ask teacher). Ask a friend or family member to help you with the recording. Just to show you how it can be done here is an example:

Step 2: Use iMovie to edit your recordings into a 2-5 min long film.

Step 3: Save and hand in your iMovie project on Unikum.


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