Skolbanken – inspiration och utveckling från hela landet

VT 16 Grade 6 - Section 3

Skapad 2016-04-04 12:50 i Lexby skola Partille
Grundskola 6 Engelska


Concepts and Questions

Inquiry Questions

  • What is it like in Canada?
  • How can we describe our own school? Which phrases can be useful?
  • Can we describe things in different ways, even though we are speaking the same language?
  • How can we improve our language grammatically?

In this unit you will learn how to describe your own school, talk about things you use in school, your timetable, and how other people has it in their school and country. We will focus on Canada and what the life is like there. We will read articles about Canada, dialogues about school etc. We will make posters in pairs where we research about Canada and write down facts that each pair find interesting. We will improve our grammar by studying a/an, possessive pronoun, irregular verbs and was/were. We will have small homework checks and end with a test.


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