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Travelling year 7, week 15-19 vt 16

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Grundskola 7 Engelska

For these 4 weeks we will work in pairs/groups with your oral (muntliga) skill and individually with your writing skill. You will do a traveling show and write a text about your chosen area. In your text you will convince the reader to go there.



Kopplingar till läroplan

  • En
    Syfte formulera sig och kommunicera i tal och skrift,
  • En
    Syfte använda språkliga strategier för att förstå och göra sig förstådda,
  • En
    Syfte anpassa språket efter olika syften, mottagare och sammanhang, och
  • En
    Syfte reflektera över livsvillkor, samhällsfrågor och kulturella företeelser i olika sammanhang och delar av världen där engelska används.

Centralt innehåll

Kopplingar till läroplan

  • En  7-9
    Kommunikationens innehåll Aktuella och för eleverna välbekanta ämnesområden.
  • En  7-9
    Kommunikationens innehåll Levnadsvillkor, traditioner, sociala relationer och kulturella företeelser i olika sammanhang och områden där engelska används.
  • En  7-9
    Tala, skriva och samtala - produktion och interaktion Muntliga och skriftliga berättelser, beskrivningar och instruktioner.
  • En  7-9
    Tala, skriva och samtala - produktion och interaktion Språkliga företeelser för att förtydliga, variera och berika kommunikationen som uttal, intonation och fasta språkliga uttryck, grammatiska strukturer och satsbyggnad.

The lessons

During 7 lessons you will work with the knowledge you have acquired (tillägnat) about Ancient Greece and the Roman Empire from the Social Studies (SO:n) classes.

By writing a text in English, you will practice your writing skills. To practice speaking English you will do a travel show from the country or city you have chosen. The travel shows you create in pairs/groups, and the text you will work with´individually. Together with your friend/s you decide what city or country to chose. The text and pictures you use for your text, can be used as a help for the travel show as well.

Do the travel show in iMovie, so you can upload the movie to your Youtube account (or your teachers). It´s only your imagination and creativity that sets the limit for how you do your travel shows! :)

A short repetition of the rules of writing will also be given to you on the lessons, to help you when you write your text.

To know which photos you can use you will get some useful searching tips on flickr and Wikipedia photos ( if you like use the Educreation pictures you have about The Roman Empire).

1.You will be writing a text individually about why you should go to the country/city you chose, for example Athens, Rome, Greece. Use the knowledge you get in Social Studies and Swedish class, for example, write a text about; Why everyone should travel to Rome. You have to write around 2 pages! Use Pages when you write so you can check the spelling before you hand in.

The text has to include (you can add more information if you like)

* “Sell” your trip/text; write your travel text like you would sell a trip to someone to this specific city or country. Why is it so fantastic that everyone should go there?

* What sights worth seeing (sevärdheter) can you as a tourist visit that has an historic value?

* Explain in your own words why the sights worth seeing are so amazing, mix facts with your own words, and include historic stories about what happened at these sights.

* Add pictures from the city/country and the sights worth seeing. Use pictures that you are free to use, make sure you check the copyrights.

* Do comparisons (jämförelser) with your own experiences and knowledge. Compare your imaginary (fiktiva) Greek person to your own life here in Sweden. Look at similarities & differences (likheter & skillnader) -  for example work, education and participating (deltagande) in democratic processes.

An example of how to start your text

Do you want to go to one of Europe´s oldest capitals that has more sights worth seeing than you can imagine? Do you want to walk among old brick buildings when you also have the modern flow from the Italian people just around the corner? Then Rome is the place to go! The first place that you must visit is Colosseum. That is an ancient gladiator arena, today it has only some parts left of it´s former glory but...

Hand in on Tuesday week 17 at 18:00, at the latest, in Showbie.

2.Create a travel show video together with your friend/-s, like these two examples:

* Plan your travel show with your friend/-s. - What photos will we use? How will we do the video? Who´s doing what? Who´s saying what? Write a script and plan how to do your video. - Make sure everyone talks as much as possible to really show your oral skills.

* Do an iMovie, around 3-5 minutes. Use recordings and photos.

Hand in on Tuesday week 19 at 18:00, at the latest. You hand in your text and traveling show (link to your uploaded file on Youtube) to me in Showbie.

Good luck 😀



Vi kommer att bedöma hur väl du skriver din text, hur du gör jämförelser samt hur väl och fritt du pratar på engelska.

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