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Travel diary

Skapad 2016-04-20 14:41 i Olandsskolan Östhammar
Choose a country where you want to go.
Grundskola 7 – 9 Engelska
2020-10-05 English 8B/Ilona Bergman   Create your own travel diary! Travel to the city of your choice in Europe!


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2016-04-20 English 7C/Ilona Bergman   Create your own travel diary!

Choose one city in Europe where you want to go.  

Do research about interesting places to visit there. Also find out what you would like to do there! What sport possibilities are there?   Is there beautiful scenery? Wildlife? Organise your work, decide 2 or 3 places which you explore and tell us what you have done there / what you are going to do.  

Your travel diary should be for 3 days and you should also write how you travel: train, airplane, bus, on foot (trekking) or car.  Where are you staying? In a bed & breakfast, in a hotel or are you camping? 

You should do your own travel diary and present it to class. Use the internet for research or if you have brochures or books. You can use Wikipedia too of course. Another possibility is to find the official website of a city or town or community. There is usually a lot of information there.  

For instance: (Munich) 

Good luck!!!


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