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Drama it is

Skapad 2016-05-27 13:52 i Allskolan F-9 prov Halmstad
In this project the students are going to write their own script in english and then act it out in front of the class.
Gymnasieskola Engelska Engelska

Who is the biggest drama queen/king? This English project is going to be about drama. Drama is an excellent way of practicing your English skills because you get to pretend you are in real situations where you have to speak English. In this project you are also going to write your own scripts which will help you practice your writing as well. You are going to be assigned a group and you will be three or four people in each group. Together you are going to write a script that will allow all members of the group to take part and have lines. Before you start writing your script you will go through a few drama exercises to make you feel more comfortable with acting and improvising. Hopefully this will both prepare and inspire you to enter this project with confidence. You will also, before taking on the task of writing the script, be acquired to write a story together, and it is this story that is going to be the foundation for your script. The success of every play is to plan your scenes ahead so therefore you are going to do a storyboard to go along with your script. This is to ensure that all group members are on board with the plans and know exactly what to prepare themselves on doing. When the story has been written and then re-written into a script and the storyboard has been done, you should move on to practicing your scenes with each other. Learn your lines by heart and try to think about the emotion behind the words you say. This is where you have the opportunity to practice intonation and rhythm when speaking. You also have to think about your body language when rehearsing your play. What your body says has to be in sync with your verbal communication is conveying and is just as important. After doing these steps it is time to present your play in front of the class. If you need costumes or props you have to sort it out yourselves. After watching the play all the other students have to be prepared to answer questions as well as asking them and also be able to give some constructive criticism. 1. Drama exercises 2. Write a story together 3. Re-write the story into a script 4. Create a storyboard 5. Rehears the play 6. Present it in front of the class Now let the drama begin!


En Eng
Rubric reading comprehension


I need work
I try
I’m good
I didn’t get it, it was too difficult to follow, there were so many unknown words.
I understood parts of the text but there were many words I didn’t know.
I understood most of the text but I would have to look up some of the words.
I understood almost all the words and the ones I didn’t I could get from the context.
I thought it was really hard to get any details, I was concentrating on the main contents.
I didn’t get all the details but enough to understand what the text was about.
I think I got most of the details. I tried to take notes while reading.
I got all the details and I made notes to prove it!
I feel stupid...
I didn’t quite recognize the issue but I think I have an idea of what it’s about.
I knew a bit about the issue discussed in the text and I could use my knowledge to understand more.
I knew about the issue they were talking about in the text and I could understand the references and the associations.
What’s a perspective?
I’m not sure I recognized any point of view.
I think I recognized the point of view that was in focus.
I could easily recognize several perspectives used in the text including postmodernism, feminism and postcolonialism.
I try to focus but it doesn’t really work all the time. I guess I get most of the contents.
I am able to focus most of the time, I don’t think I missed anything.
I am blessed with an ability to focus on what I am reading and I don’t miss any important parts.
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