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Year 8 - Crime Theme

Skapad 2016-08-22 14:28 i Södertälje Friskola AB Grundskolor
Grundskola 8 Engelska
In this theme we will begin by learning a lot of words that has to with crime, and more specifically with law and punishment. We will also see a documentary about Rodney King, and talk about riots spreading, all the way to Sweden. After about two weeks this will lead us into novel reading: "Holes" which is a book about boys being sent to a correctional facility and/or other crime fiction.



Crime sheet 1a: We will look at different words related to the crime theme and define the words. Extending our vocabulary.

Crime sheet 1b: Match the crime descriptions with the right crime! Reading comprehension.

Crime sheet 4b: More words and then: put yourself in the judge's position!

Crime sheet 4c: You are a judge and you must decide how long sentences different criminals will get, from a series of cases.

Crime sheet 5a: Looking at a Bob Dylan song: "The  Death of Emmet Till".

(If there is time: look at some texts from the text book as well.)

Watch the documentary about Rodney King and the riots - discuss. Also read and discuss the riots in Sweden.

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